Crystal growth, structure, and physical properties of Ln(Cu,Ga) 3-x(Ln=La-Nd, Eu; x≈0.2)

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Single crystals of Ln(Cu,Ga) 13-x(Ln=La-Nd, Eu; x≈0.2) were grown using Ga flux and their structures determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The Ln(Cu,Ga) 13-x (Ln=La-Nd, Eu; x≈0.2), adopting NaZn 13 structure type, crystallizes in the cubic Fm3̄c (No. 226) space group, with Z=8 and lattice parameters a≈11.8A° .Magnetic susceptibility and heat capacity measurements do not show any indication of long-range magnetic ordering down to 2 K for magnetic analogues. Metallic behavior is observed in the range of 2-300 K for each compound. A large positive magnetoresistance up to 154% at a field (μ )OH) of 9 T is also observed for Pr(Cu,Ga) 12.85(1). Most interestingly, the Pr analogue shows T 2 temperature-dependent resistivity and satisfies Kadowaki- Woods relation, which is indicative of heavy-fermion behavior. Here, we present the crystal structures and physical properties of Ln(Cu,Ga) 13-x (Ln=La-Nd, Eu; x≈0.2). © 2009 American Chemical Society.

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Chemistry of Materials

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