Serendipitous growth of single crystals with silicon incorporation

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The self-flux method for crystal growth is a highly versatile technique which can be used to grow single crystals of congruently melting, incongruently melting, and even metastable phases. However, the growth of a single phase using the self-flux technique can be challenging yet rewarding, especially when one compound in a phase space is considerably more stable than the others. Herein, the synthesis, structure and properties of two competing metal silicide phases, Ru 23(Al,Si) 97 and CeRu 4(Al,Si) 15.58, and two competing polymorphs of CeAg ySi xGa 2-x-y, are discussed to provide an insight into the methods which can be used to target a single phase using the selfflux technique. © 2012 Taylor & Francis.

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Philosophical Magazine

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