Magnetic and transport properties of single crystal LnRu 2Al 10 (Ln=Pr, Gd, Yb)

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Single crystals of LnRu 2Al 10 (Ln=Pr, Gd, Yb) have been grown using the self-flux method, their structure has been determined by single crystal x-ray diffraction, and their magnetic and electronic transport properties have been studied. LnRu 2Al 10 are members of the Y bFe 2Al 10 structure type with space group Cmcm. PrRu 2Al 10 displays paramagnetic behaviour down to 13.2K, at which temperature it enters a non-magnetic singlet ground state, with a large paramagnetic Curie-Weiss temperature of 49.8(14)K. GdRu 2Al 10 orders antiferromagnetically at 15.5K. Y bRu 2Al 10 is a Pauli paramagnet indicating that the Yb is divalent. The properties of these three analogues are compared with LnM 2Al 10 (M=Fe, Ru, Os). © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

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