Investigation of Fe incorporation in LnCr2Al20 (Ln = La, Gd, Yb) with 57Fe Mössbauer and single crystal X-ray diffraction

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Crystal growth, structure determination, and magnetic properties of LnCr2Al20-xFex (Ln = La, Gd, Yb) adopting the CeCr2Al20 structure type with space group Fd3⋯m, a ∼ 14.5 Å, are reported. Single crystal X-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy are employed to fully characterize the crystal structure of LnCr2Al20-xFex (Ln = La, Gd, Yb). LnCr2Al20-xFex (Ln = La, Gd, Yb) are the first pseudoternaries adopting the CeCr2Al20 structure type with a transition metal occupying the main group site. The Yb analogues are Pauli paramagnets with the Yb ion adopting an electronic configuration close to Yb2+, while the Gd analogues show paramagnetic behavior with no magnetic order down to 3 K. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

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Inorganic Chemistry

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