Polar codes for private classical communication

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We construct a new secret-key assisted polar coding scheme for private classical communication over a quantum or classical wiretap channel. The security of our scheme rests on an entropic uncertainty relation, in addition to the channel polarization effect. Our scheme achieves the symmetric private information rate by synthesizing "amplitude" and "phase" channels from an arbitrary quantum wiretap channel. We find that the secret-key consumption rate of the scheme vanishes for an arbitrary degradable quantum wiretap channel. Furthermore, we provide an additional sufficient condition for when the secret key rate vanishes, and we suspect that satisfying this condition implies that the scheme requires no secret key at all. Thus, this latter condition addresses an open question from the Mahdavifar-Vardy scheme [1] for polar coding over a classical wiretap channel. © 2012 IEICE Institute of Electronics Informati.

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2012 International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications, ISITA 2012

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