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Quantum information measures such as the entropy and the mutual information find applications in physics, e.g., as correlation measures. Generalizing such measures based on the Rényi entropies is expected to enhance their scope in applications. We prescribe Rényi generalizations for any quantum information measure which consists of a linear combination of von Neumann entropies with coefficients chosen from the set -1,0,1. As examples, we describe Rényi generalizations of the conditional quantum mutual information, some quantum multipartite information measures, and the topological entanglement entropy. Among these, we discuss the various properties of the Rényi conditional quantum mutual information and sketch some potential applications. We conjecture that the proposed Rényi conditional quantum mutual informations are monotone increasing in the Rényi parameter, and we have proof of this conjecture for some special cases.

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Physical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics