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Presented is the description of a new and general method used to search for γ-ray counterparts to gravitational-wave (GW) triggers. This method is specifically applied to single GW detector triggers. Advanced LIGO data from observing runs O1 and O2 were analyzed, thus each GW trigger comes from either the LIGO-Livingston or the LIGO-Hanford interferometer. For each GW trigger, Fermi Gamma-ray burst monitor data is searched and the most significant subthreshold signal counterpart is selected. Then, a methodology is defined in order to establish which of the GW-γ-ray trigger pairs are likely to have a common origin. For that purpose an association ranking statistic is calculated from which a false alarm rate is derived. The events with the highest ranking statistics are selected for further analysis consisting of LIGO detector characterization and parameter estimation. The γ-ray signal characteristics are also evaluated. We find no significant candidates from the search.

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Classical and Quantum Gravity