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We report the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the tetragonal rare-earth compound DyRu2Si2 under applied hydrostatic pressure. The isothermal entropy change (ΔS) and the adiabatic temperature change (ΔTad) were calculated from magnetization data collected at different applied pressures and from heat capacity measurements conducted at atmospheric pressure, respectively. The application of hydrostatic pressure significantly modified the multi-step magnetization curve and the saturation magnetization. A suppression of the magnetization was observed for P = 0.588 GPa and P = 0.654 GPa whereas, at about P ≈1 GPa, the saturation magnetization increased and the magnetization isotherms again resembled the curves measured at atmospheric pressure. A small thermal hysteresis was observed between the heating and cooling M(T) curves at Tt=3.4 K, with an applied magnetic field of H = 0.1 T. This thermal hysteresis indicates a first-order like transition which was also supported by the Arrott plot analysis. The volume magnetostriction was estimated from the pressure-dependent magnetization measurements using a Maxwell relation.

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Journal of Applied Physics