Observation of cosmic-ray particles with z50 and interpretation of the charge spectrum

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Large areas of plastic detectors and nuclear emulsions were exposed to the primary cosmic radiation on two high-altitude ballon flights in May 1968 and September 1969. From measurements on the tracks found in the scanning of the plastic detectors, events with charges Z>50 were selected, and these data were consolidated with those from our earlier flights. Several conclusions can be drawn from the observed charge spectrum. The detection of trans-bismuth nuclei confirms earlier observations of these particles in the cosmic rays. However, no trans-uranium particles were observed. Detailed features of the charge spectrum cannot be explained by nuclei from r-process nucleosynthesis alone. Although the addition of particles following s-process abundances yields improved agreement, the spectrum appears more complicated than would result from a simple combination of r- and s-process abundances with identical propagation histories. © 1973 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review D

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