Interactions of relativistic neon to nickel projectiles in hydrogen, elemental production cross sections

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This paper reports the elemental production cross sections for 17 projectile-energy combinations with energies between 338 and 894 MeV/nucleon interacting in a liquid hydrogen target. These results were obtained from two runs at the LBL Bevalac using projectiles ranging from 22Ne to 58Ni. Cross sections were measured for all fragment elements with charges greater than or equal to half the charge of the projectile. The results show that, over the energy and ion range investigated, the general decrease in cross section with decreasing fragment charge is strongly modified by the isospin of the projectile ion. Significant additional modifications of the cross sections due to the internal structure of the nucleus have also been seen. These include both pairing and shell effects. Differences in the cross sections due to the differing energies of the projectile are also considerable.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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