Comparison of particle production in Pb(158 GeV/nucleon)-Ag/Br collisions with the VENUS and FRITIOF models

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Data on multiparticle production in interactions of 158 GeV/nucleon lead ions with the heavy nuclei in emulsions (Ag,Br) are compared with the predictions of the VENUS and FRITIOF models. It is found that total multiplicities of produced charged particles are reasonably well reproduced by both models. On the other hand, discrepancies between the data and the predictions are observed for the forward charge and pseudorapidity distributions. Furthermore, dynamical fluctuations, revealed in the data by application of the method of factorial moments, are absent from the model simulations. The dynamical fluctuations observed in the data can be at least partly due to Bose-Einstein correlations, © 1998 Elsevier Science B.V.

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Nuclear Physics A

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