Neutron production in coincidence with fragments from the 40Ca+H reactions at Elab=357 and 565 A MeV

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In the frame of the Transport Collaboration neutrons in coincidence with charged fragments produced in the 40Ca+H reaction at Elab=357 and 565 A MeV have been measured at the Heavy Ion Spectrometer System (HISS) facility of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, using the multifunctional neutron spectrometer MUFFINS. The detector covered a narrow angular range about the beam in the forward direction (0°-3.2°). In this contribution we report absolute neutron production cross sections in coincidence with charged fragments (10≤Z≤20). The neutron multiplicities have been estimated from the comparison between the neutron cross sections, in coincidence with the fragments, and the elemental cross sections. We have found evidence for a pre-equilibrium emission of prompt neutrons in superposition to a 'slower' deexcitation of the equilibrated remnant by emission of nucleons and fragments, as already seen in the inclusive rapidity distributions.

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AIP Conference Proceedings

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