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We measured the specific heat and resistivity of heavy fermion [Formula presented] between the superconducting critical field [Formula presented] and 9 T, with the field in the [001] direction, and at temperatures down to 50 mK. At 5 T the data show a non-Fermi liquid (NFL) behavior down to the lowest temperatures. At the field above 8 T the data exhibit a crossover from the Fermi liquid to a non-Fermi liquid behavior. We analyzed the scaling properties of the specific heat and compared both the resistivity and the specific heat with the predictions of a spin-fluctuation theory. Our analysis leads us to suggest that the NFL behavior is due to incipient antiferromagnetism (AFM) in [Formula presented] with the quantum critical point in the vicinity of [Formula presented]. Below [Formula presented] the AFM phase which competes with the paramagnetic ground state is superseded by the superconducting transition. © 2003 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters