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Chiral and helical domain walls are generic defects of topological spin-triplet superconductors. We study theoretically the magnetic and transport properties of superconducting singlet-triplet-singlet heterostructure as a function of the phase difference between the singlet leads in the presence of chiral and helical domains inside the spin-triplet region. The local inversion symmetry breaking at the singlet-triplet interface allows the emergence of a static phase-controlled magnetization and generally yields both spin and charge currents flowing along the edges. The parity of the domain wall number affects the relative orientation of the interface moments and currents, while in some cases the domain walls themselves contribute to spin and charge transport. We demonstrate that singlet-triplet heterostructures are a generic prototype to generate and control nondissipative spin and charge effects, putting them in a broader class of systems exhibiting spin-Hall, anomalous Hall effects and similar phenomena. Features of the electron transport and magnetic effects at the interfaces can be employed to assess the presence of domains in chiral/helical superconductors.

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Physical Review B