X-ray emission spectra and electronic structure of CuIr2S4 and CuIr2Se4

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Measurements of X-ray emission spectra of CuL2,3, S Kβ1,3, S L2,3 and Ir N6,7 in CuIr2S4 and CuIr2Se4 have been performed. These measurements probe the partial Cu 3d 4s, S 3p, S 3s 3d and Ir 5d density of states, respectively, in the valence band. The excitation energy dependence of the Cu L2,3 X-ray emission (XES) in CuIr2S4 and CuIr2Se4 has been measured using tunable synchrotron radiation. These measurements enabled us to obtain Cu L3 XES free from overlapping Cu L2 XES and high-energy satellites. These spectra reproduce the distribution of Cu 3d-states in the valence band. X-ray emission spectra of constituents atoms of CuIr2S4 and CuIr2Se, were adjusted to the binding energy scale using XPS binding energies of core levels and compared with band structure calculations and valence band spectra obtained by UPS and XPS. From these measurements one concludes that Cu 3d-states are less mixed with Ir 5d-states in CuIr2Se4 and their contribution to the density of states at the Fermi level is smaller than that of CuIr2S4. © 1998 Published by Elsevier Science Ltd.

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Solid State Communications

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