X-ray emission study of ion beam mixed Cu/Al films on polyimide

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Cu (40 nm)/Al/polyimide/Si was mixed with 80 keV Ar+ and N+2 from 5.0×1015 to 15×1015 ions/cm2. Ultrasoft x-ray emission valence spectra (XES) of Cu, C, N and O excited by electron and photon radiation were used for study of chemical reactions in Cu/Al/PI/Si and PI/Si systems induced by ion beam mixing in dependence of type of ions and dose. It is found that ion beam mixing changes the chemical state of Cu atoms with respect to that of pure metal. These changes depend on the dose of ion beam bombardment and type of ions and are attributed to a formation of CuAl2O4 interfacial layer, which can be responsible for enhanced interfacial adhesion strength. On the other hand, it is shown that the shape of C Kα, N Kα and O Kα XES of ion beam mixed polyimide layer (PI/Si) is modified with ion bombardment. This means that the ion-beam mixing process is able to break the bonding of constituent atoms of irradiated PI layers and can induce the formation of chemically bonded complexes linking atoms in the Cu, Al and PI layers. © 1999 American Vacuum Society.

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Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films

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