Magnetostructural phase transitions in Ni50Mn 25+xSb25-x Heusler alloys

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The structural and magnetic properties of Ni50Mn 25+xSb25-x (0≤x≤18) Heusler alloys have been investigated by x-ray diffraction, magnetization, thermal expansion, and electrical resistivity measurements. Austenitic phases with the L21 cubic crystal cell and martensitic phases with Pmm2 orthorhombic structures have been observed at room temperature in alloys with 0≤x≤12.5 and 13≤x≤14, respectively. The Curie temperatures of the austenitic phases decrease linearly with increasing x and change from 370 (x = 0) to 340 K (x = 12.5). In the concentration 7

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

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