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Thermoelectric properties of the chemically-doped intermetallic narrow-band semiconductor FeGa3 are reported. The parent compound shows semiconductor-like behavior with a small bandgap (Eg 0.2 eV), a carrier density of ∼1018 cm-3, and a large n-type Seebeck coefficient (S ∼ - 400 V/K) at room temperature. Hall effect measurements indicate that chemical doping significantly increases the carrier density, resulting in a metallic state, while the Seebeck coefficient still remains fairly large (∼- 150 μV/K). The largest power factor (S 2/p= 62 μW/m K2) was observed for Fe 0.99Co0.01(Ga0.997Ge0.003) 3, and its corresponding figure of merit (ZT= 1.3 ×10 -2) at 390 K improved by over a factor of 5 from the pure material. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Applied Physics