The adiabatic temperature changes in the vicinity of the first-order paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition in the Ni-Mn-In-B heusler alloy

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The magnetocaloric properties of Ni-Mn-In-B Heusler alloy have been studied using direct measurements of the adiabatic temperature change (Δ TAD( T,H) , and indirectly by magnetization (M(T,H)), differential scanning calorimetry, and specific heat ( CP( T,H) measurements. The presence of a first-order ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transition has been detected for Ni 50 Mn 34.8 In 14.2 B at 320 K. The magnetocaloric parameters, i.e., the magnetic entropy change, Δ SM = (2.9- 3.2) J/kgK, and the adiabatic temperature change, Δ TAD = (1.3- 1.52) K, have been evaluated for Δμ0 H = 1.8 T from CP( T,H and M(T,H), and from CP( T,H and direct Δ TAD( T,H measurements, respectively, in the vicinity of the first-order transition temperature. The extracted magnetocaloric parameters are comparable to that of Gd. © 1965-2012 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

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