Structural complexity meets transport and magnetic anisotropy in single crystalline Ln30Ru4Sn31 (Ln = Gd, Dy)

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We present the structure of Ln30Ru4+xSn 31-y (Ln = Gd, Dy) and the anisotropic resistivity, magnetization, thermopower, and thermal conductivity of single crystal Ln30Ru 4+xSn31-y (Ln = Gd, Tb). Gd30Ru 4.92Sn30.54 crystallizes in a new structure-type with space group Pnnm and dimensions of a = 11.784(1) Å, b = 24.717(1) Å, and c = 11.651(2) Å, and V = 3394(1) Å3. Magnetic anisotropy and highly anisotropic electrical transport behavior were observed in the single crystals of Gd30Ru4.92Sn30.54 and Tb30Ru6Sn29.5. Additionally, the lattice thermal conductivity of Tb30Ru6Sn29.5 is quite low, and a comparison is made to other Sn-containing compounds. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

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Journal of the American Chemical Society

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