Effects of hydrostatic pressure on magnetostructural transitions and magnetocaloric properties in (MnNiSi)1-x(FeCoGe)x

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The isostructural alloying of two compounds with different magnetic and thermo-structural properties has resulted in a new system, (MnNiSi)1-x(FeCoGe)x, that exhibits large magnetocaloric effects with acute sensitivity to both compositional variation and applied hydrostatic pressure. The maximum isothermal entropy change reaches a value of -ΔSmax=143.7J/kg K for a field change of ΔB=5T at atmospheric pressure. The first-order magnetostructural transition responsible for the entropy change shifts to lower temperature with applied hydrostatic pressure (∼-10K/kbar) but maintains a large value of -ΔSmax.

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Journal of Applied Physics

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