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The magnetostructural transitions, magnetocaloric effects, and magnetoresistance properties of Ni45Mn43CrSn11 Heusler alloys were investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD), field-dependent magnetization, and electrical resistivity measurements. A large inverse and direct magnetocaloric effect has been observed in Ni45Mn43CrSn11 across the martensitic and Curie transition temperature, respectively. The values of the latent heat (L = 15.5 J/g) and corresponding magnetic (∆SM) and total (∆ST) entropy changes (∆SM = 35 J/kg·K for ∆H = 5T and ∆ST = 39.7 J/kg·K) have been evaluated using magnetic and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) measurements, respectively. A substantial jump in resistivity was observed across the martensitic transformation. A large negative magnetoresistance (~67%) was obtained at the magnetostructural transition for a field change of 5 T. The roles of the magnetic and structural changes on the transition temperatures and the potential application of Ni45Mn43CrSn11 Heusler alloys for refrigerator technology are discussed.

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