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Here we report on the structural and magnetic properties of Ni0.2Mn3.2Ga0.6 melt-spun ribbons. The as-spun ribbons were found to exhibit mixed cubic phases that transform to non-cubic structure upon annealing. Additionally, an amorphous phase was found to co-exist in all ribbons. The SEM images show that minor grain formation occurs on the as-spun ribbons. However, the formation of extensive nano-grains was observed on the surfaces of the annealed ribbons. While the as-spun ribbons exhibit predominantly paramagnetic behavior, the ribbons annealed under various thermal conditions were found to be ferromagnetic with a Curie temperature of about 380 K. The ribbons annealed at 450 °C for 30 minutes exhibit a large coercive field of about 2500 Oe. The experimental results show that the microstructure and associated magnetic properties of the ribbons can be controlled by annealing techniques. The coercive fields and the shape of the magnetic hysteresis loops vary significantly with annealing conditions. Exchange bias effects have also been observed in the annealed ribbons.

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AIP Advances