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Three temperature-induced phase transitions at T=T1, TM/TA, and TC, related to the ferromagnetic order of the martensitic phase (FMMP), martensitic (structural) transitions (MT), and the ferromagnetic order of the austenitic phase (FMAP), respectively, have been observed in the off-stoichiometric Heusler alloys, Ni50-xCoxMn35In15 (x=1, 2.5) and Ni45Co5Mn37In13. The phase transitions temperatures are found to be depended on alloy composition. A kinetic arrest of the AP was observed for Ni47.5Co2.5Mn35In15 in the magnetization measurements during field-cooling cycle (FCC) at 50 kOe. Depending upon the cooling protocols, ZFC and FCC (at H = 50 kOe), two different ground states of the alloys can be found in Ni47.5Co2.5Mn35In15 and Ni45Co5Mn37In13 alloys. The ground states (T=4.2 K and external field H=0) of the alloys was found to be characterized by three main line: two, partially overlapping, at higher frequencies (300-450 MHz), most likely corresponding of manganese resonance lines and one at lower frequency at about 200 MHz. A significant shift in the spectrum of Ni45Co5Mn37In13 by about 100 MHz to higher frequencies was observed. The correlation of magnetizations obtained from magnetic moment and NMR studies is discussed.

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AIP Advances