CGRO observations of the MeV-bright blazars PKS 0208-512 and GRO J0516-609

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PKS 0208-512 and GRO J0516-609 have recently been identified as the most prominent members of a possible sub-class of blazar-type AGNs that are exceptionally bright at MeV energies ("MeV-blazars"). We summarize here the findings for GRO J0516-609 and present updated analysis results for PKS 0208-512 based on simultaneous observations with EGRET and COMPTEL. Significant time variability is clearly seen in the PKS 0208-512 spectrum at high as well as medium γ-ray energies. We present spectra suggesting a distinct spectral upturn from the EGRET energy regime into the COMPTEL regime. The presence of a pronounced spectral component at about 1-10 MeV appears now well established for these sources.

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Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series

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