STM investigations of CO coadsorption with O and with S on Ni(110)

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The interaction between CO coadsorbed with oxygen and sulfur on Ni (110) has been studied with room temperature STM and LEED. In the case of CO/O/Ni(110)-(θo≤0.3 ML), it is found that due to a large local repulsion between the differing species, the coadsorbed species phase separate into large domains of O-(3 × 1) and CO-p2mg(2 × 1) structure. Similarly in the case of CO/S/Ni(110)-(θs≤0.4 ML), at low local coverages of coadsorbed CO, island segregation of CO and S-c(2 × 2) is observed. At locally saturated CO coverage, the S-c(2 × 2) structure transforms into long -S-S- chains running predominantly along the [110] direction and separated by a local p2mg(2 × 1)-CO structure; this transformation is attributed to the large CO-CO repulsion in the condensed overlayer structure. © 1994.

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Surface Science

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