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We discuss the way non-perturbative quantization of cosmological spacetimes in loop quantum cosmology provides insights on the physics of Planck scale and the resolution of big bang singularity. In recent years, rigorous examination of mathematical and physical aspects of the quantum theory, have singled out a consistent quantization which is physically viable and various early ideas have been shown to be inconsistent. These include 'physical effects' originating from modifications to inverse scale factors in the flat models. The singularity resolution is understood to originate from the non-local nature of curvature in the quantum theory and the underlying polymer representation. Based on insights from extensive numerical simulations, an exactly solvable model involving a small approximation at the quantum level can be developed. The model predicts occurrence of bounce for a dense subspace of the Hilbert space and a supremum for the value of energy density. It also provides answers to the growth of fluctuations, showing that semi-classicality is preserved to an amazing degree across the bounce. © 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series