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We describe a complete, coherent framework within which probabilities may be consistently extracted from amplitudes for quantum histories in loop quantum cosmology. The decoherence functional is constructed for a loop quantization of a flat Friedmann-Lematre-Robertson-Walker cosmological model, thereby permitting consistent quantum predictions to be made in a mathematically precise model of quantum cosmology. Consistent families of quantum histories are exhibited. Singularity avoidance by generic quantum states in loop-quantized models is contrasted with the failure of parallel Wheeler-DeWitt-quantized universes to avoid the big-bang singularity. It is shown that all loop quantum states approach arbitrarily large volume Wheeler-DeWitt states in both the asymptotic "past" and "future" of emergent time. The critical role played by decoherence of histories in these predictions is illustrated. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series