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Quantum geometry effects in loop quantum cosmology are known to resolve various singularities in the isotropic and anisotropic models. Previous investigations have shown that singularity resolution is tied to boundedness of physical quantities such as the energy density and the expansion and shear scalars in the spacetime. Using effective dynamics, we show that these do not necessarily lead to a generic boundedness of spacetime curvature in the Bianchi-I model and find the potential possibilities where the curvature invariants can diverge. These include cases where the pressure of the matter content diverges at a finite volume and energy density. By analyzing the strength of singularities, we show that such pressure singularities are weak. All known types of strong singularities of the classical theory are resolved. This analysis brings us closer to generalize the results on generic resolution of singularities in the isotropic models in loop quantum cosmology, to the anisotropic spacetimes. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series