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Generic resolution of singularities and geodesic completeness in the loop quantization of Bianchi-II spacetimes with arbitrary minimally coupled matter is investigated. Using the effective Hamiltonian approach, we examine two available quantizations: one based on the connection operator and second by treating extrinsic curvature as connection via gauge fixing. It turns out that for the connection based quantization, either the inverse triad modifications or imposition of weak energy condition is necessary to obtain a resolution of all strong singularities and geodesic completeness. In contrast, the extrinsic curvature based quantization generically resolves all strong curvature singularities and results in a geodesically complete effective spacetime without inverse triad modifications or energy conditions. In both the quantizations, weak curvature singularities can occur resulting from divergences in pressure and its derivatives at finite densities. These are harmless events beyond which geodesics can be extended. Our work generalizes previous results on the generic resolution of strong singularities in the loop quantization of isotropic, Bianchi-I and Kantowski-Sachs spacetimes.

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Classical and Quantum Gravity