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We study a rotating atomic Fermi gas near a narrow s-wave Feshbach resonance in a uniaxial trap with frequencies Ω⊥, Ωz. We predict the upper-critical angular velocity, ωc2(δ,T), as a function of temperature T and detuning δ across the BEC-BCS crossover. The suppression of superfluidity at ωc2 is distinct in the BCS and BEC regimes, with the former controlled by depairing and the latter by the dilution of bosonic molecules. At low T and Ωz 〉 Ω⊥, in the BCS and crossover regimes of 0 δ δc, ωc2 is implicitly given by ωc22+Ω2 ≈ 2Δ Ω/F, vanishing as ωc2∼Ω (1-δ/δc)1/2 near δc 2F+γ2Fln(F/Ω) (with Δ the BCS gap and γ the resonance width), and extending the bulk result ωc2 2Δ2/ F to a trap. In the BEC regime of δωc2→Ω-, where molecular superfluidity is destroyed only by large quantum fluctuations associated with comparable boson and vortex densities. © 2006 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters