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The elastic response of an electron fluid at finite frequencies is defined by the electron viscosity η(ω). We determine η(ω) for graphene at the charge neutrality point in the collisionless regime, including the leading corrections due to the electron-electron Coulomb interaction. We find interaction corrections to η(ω) that are significantly larger if compared to the corresponding corrections to the optical conductivity. In addition, we find comparable contributions to the dynamic momentum flux due to single-particle and many-particle effects. We also demonstrate that η(ω) is directly related to the nonlocal energy-flow response of graphene at the Dirac point. The viscosity in the collisionless regime is determined with the help of the strain generators in the Kubo formalism. Here, the pseudospin of graphene describing its two sublattices plays an important role in obtaining a viscosity tensor that fulfills the symmetry properties of a rotationally symmetric system.

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Physical Review B