Ultrafast x-ray absorption and diffraction

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Our goal is to watch the evolution of matter on the atomic length scale and on the time scale on which elementary chemical reactions take place. We present initial experiments made in collaboration between UCSD and the INRS laboratory in Canada, on time-resolved ultrafast, 3 ps temporal resolution, near-edge x-ray absorption of gas phase SF 6 at 2.4 keV (4.89 A). We can see both the initial presence of the F atoms around the S and their absence after photodissociation produced by pumping with an intense optical pulse. Simulations of ultrafast EXAFS and diffraction experiments are presented. We are constructing an ultrahigh intensity laser to generate ultrafast x-ray pulses from laser-produced plasmas. This laser is especially designed to achieve high average power, short pulse duration and high intensity to produce very high temperature solid density plasmas and ultrahot electrons for ultrafast hard x-ray production at high x-ray photon flux, which should enable us to perform a variety of ultrafast x-ray absorption and diffraction experiments. Finally, we discuss several means to measure the duration of subpicosecond x-ray pulses.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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