Theory of resonant multiphoton population transfer in xenon

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We present calculations of population transfer to excited states of xenon that shift into six-photon resonance during intense, sub-100-fs laser pulses. If the excited-state lifetime is comparable to or longer than the pulse width, the amount of population trapped in the excited state exhibits interference fringes as a function of peak intensity due to the double passage through resonance during the laser pulse. These interference fringes can reveal information about the behavior of excited states at intensities well above resonance, including stabilization against ionization. The population transfer can also be affected by using chirped pulses which make the passages through resonance asymmetric. A strong dependence on the sign of the chirp is found due to the finite lifetime of the excited state. We discuss prospects for observing this interference experimentally. Copyright © 1997 by MAHK Hayka/Interperiodica Publishing.

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Laser Physics

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