Size of a γ-ray burster optical emitting region

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Most models of γ-ray bursters require the formation of a thermal plasma, whose properties are relatively insensitive to its mode of formation. Radiation at lower photon energies or during quiescence may be more diagnostic of the underlying cause of the γ-ray bursters. Searches for quiescent γ-ray bursters at low photon energies require an accurate position. Recently, three such accurate positions have been published1-3 which have allowed X-ray3-5, optical6-9, IR10 and radio11 searches for the GRB counterpart. We present here new limits on the quiescent optical and IR flux of the 19 November 1978 burster 3. We shall use the measurement of the optical flux during outburst8 to place a lower limit on the size of the optical emitting region. © 1983 Nature Publishing Group.

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