ROSAT Wide Field Camera search for XUV counterparts of GRB and optical transients

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We have searched the ROSAT Wide Field Camera (WFC) all sky survey for possible steady state XUV counterparts within well located (< 5 arc-min) GRB and Optical Transient (OT) error boxes. In a search of the error boxes of 12 GRB and 9 OT, we found no evidence for such emission down to a limiting flux of ∼ 10 -11 ergs cm -2 s -1 (2 × 10 -4 counts s arcmin -2 ). Combining our GRB results and assuming a simple neutron star black body model, our results suggest a minimum population distance of 30 pc for a temperature of 10 5 K and 100 pc for a 10 6 K temperature.

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AIP Conference Proceedings

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