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This essay is based on a talk at Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Sciences 2020 (AAMOS20) in a symposium honoring Prof. S. T. Manson's decades-long contribution to photoabsorption studies. Quantum physics introduced into physics pairs of conjugate quantities bearing a specific complementary relationship, energy and time being one such pair. This gives rise to two alternative representations, a time-dependent and a time-independent one, seemingly very different but both capable of embracing the same physics. They give complementary descriptions and insight, with technical questions, theoretical and experimental, determining which may be the more convenient and practicable at any juncture. Two recent topics, Cooper minima in photoabsorption in Cl- and Ar, and angular-momentum barrier tunneling of f photoelectrons from Se in WSe2, provide illustrative examples, also of the role that technological developments over the past five decades played in our approach to and understanding of phenomena.

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Physica Scripta