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We consider a source of gravitational waves of frequency ω, located near the center of a massive galaxy of mass M and radius R with ωR-1. The case of odd-parity gravitational waves propagating through a perfect-fluid galaxy is particularly simple; for this case we find that, in addition to the expected redshift of the radiation emerging from the galaxy, there is a small amount of backscatter, of order Mω2R3. We show that there is no suppression of radiative power by the factor 1+ω2M24 as has been recently predicted by Kundu. The origin of Kundu's suppression lies in the interpretation of a term in the expansion of the exterior field of the galaxy in inverse powers of radius. It is shown why that term is not related to the source strength or to the strength of the emerging radiation. © 1992 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review D

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