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Starting from Ooguri's construction for BF theory in three (and four) dimensions, we show how to construct a well defined theory with an infinite number of degrees of freedom. The spin network states that are kept invariant by the evolution operators of the theory are exact solutions of the Hamiltonian constraint of quantum gravity proposed by Thiemann. The resulting theory is the first example of a well defined, finite, consistent, spin-foam-based theory in a situation with an infinite number of degrees of freedom. Since it solves the quantum constraints of general relativity it is also a candidate for a theory of quantum gravity. It is likely, however, that the solutions constructed correspond to a spurious sector of solutions of the constraints. The richness of the resulting theory makes it an interesting example to be analyzed by forthcoming techniques that construct the semiclassical limit of spin network quantum gravity. © 2002 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review D