Consistent discrete space-time

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We review recent efforts to construct gravitational theories on discrete space-times, usually referred to as the “consistent discretization” approach. The resulting theories are free of constraints at the canonical level and therefore allow to tackle many problems that cannot be currently addressed in continuum quantum gravity. In particular the theories imply a natural method for resolving the big bang (and other types) of singularities and predict a fundamental mechanism for decoherence of quantum states that might be relevant to the black hole information paradox. At a classical level, the theories may provide an attractive new path for the exploration of issues in numerical relativity. Finally, the theories can make direct contact with several kinematical results of continuum loop quantum gravity. We review in broad terms several of these results and present in detail as an illustration the classical treatment with this technique of the simple yet conceptually challenging model of two oscillators with constant energy sum.

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100 Years of Relativity: Space-Time Structure: Einstein and Beyond

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