A scenario for black hole evaporation on a quantum Geometry

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We incorporate elements of the recently discovered exact solutions of the quantum constraints of loop quantum gravity for vacuum spherically symmetric space-Times into the paradigm of black hole evaporation due to Ashtekar and Bojowald. The quantization of the area of the surfaces of symmetry of the solutions implies that the number of nice slices that can be fit inside the black hole is finite. The foliation eventually moves through the region where the singularity in the classical theory used to be and all the particles that fell into the black hole due to Hawking radiation emerge finally as a white hole. This yields a variant of a scenario advocated by Arkani-Hamed et al. Fluctuations in the horizon that naturally arise in the quantum space time allow radiation to emerge during the evaporation process due to stimulated emission allowing evaporation to proceed beyond Page time without reaching the maximum entanglement limit until the formation of the white hole. No firewalls nor remnants arise in this scenario.

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Proceedings of Science

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