Pharmaceutical therapies for sealing of permeabilized cell membranes in electrical injuries

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Several years ago, we proposed that loss of cell membrane structural integrity by electroporation Is a substantial cause of tissue necrosis in victims of electrical trauma. Specifically, this involves the permeabilization of the lipid bilayer by thermal and electrical forces. We further suggested that certain mild surfactants in low concentration could induce sealing of permeabilized lipid bilayers and salvage of cells that had not been extensively heat-damaged. Successful restoration of membrane transport properties using the surfactant poloxamer 188 was reported in 1992. The purpose of this study is to further examine the response of electroporated rat skeletal muscle membranes to poloxamer 188 (P188) therapy by direct assay of membrane transport properties, Experimental evidence accumulated to date suggests that P188 is effective in sealing permeabilized cell membranes both in vitro and in vivo.

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Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

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