Radiation of gravitational waves in Brans-Dicke general-relativity theory

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The rate of radiation of gravitational waves, PBD PT+PS, from a system of binary stars is calculated using the general-relativity theory of Brans and Dicke. It is shown that, for a circular orbit, the radiation arises purely from the tensor-field contribution PT, and PBD is smaller than the corresponding Einstein result PE, by a factor (2ω+3)(2ω+4), where ω is the usual Brans-Dicke dimensionless constant (ω 6). In the case of an elliptic orbit, there is also a contribution PS from the scalar field. However, we show that the contribution of PS to PBD is always negligible compared to the contribution PT. Thus we are able to conclude that, for all values of the eccentricity e, the Brans-Dicke theory predicts that the rate of gravitational radiation from a system of binary stars is always smaller, by a factor of the order of 1516, than the rate predicted by Einstein's theory. © 1967 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review

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