Nongeodesic motion in general relativity

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The equations of motion of a spinning body in the gravitational field of a much larger mass are found using both the Corinaldesi-Papapetrou spin supplementary condition (SSC) and the Pirani SSC. These equations of motion are compared with our previous result derived from Gupta's quantum theory of Gravitation. It is found that the spin-dependent terms differ in each of the above three results due to a different location of the center of mass of the spinning body. As expected, these terms are not affected by the choice of either Schwarzschild or isotropic coordinates. Finally, for the presently planned Stanford gyroscope experiment, we find the maximum secular displacement of the orbit of the gyro with respect to the orbit of its non-rotating housing to be of the order of (10-7 cm/year)t, a result much smaller than Schiff's result which is proportional to time squared. © 1974 Plenum Publishing Company Limited.

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General Relativity and Gravitation

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