Electric field effect on weak localization in a semiconductor quantum wire

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The influence of an electric field on weak localization in a semiconductor quantum wire is studied by a recently proposed generalized quantum Langevin equation approach to the conductivity problem. A new physical picture is presented. In our model the electronic motion is essentially one-dimensional, and the phase coherence length ℓφ is much larger than the elastic mean free path ℓ2 of electrons. We find that when the electric field E exceeds a critical value Ec = KVF eℓφ, where VF is the Fermi velocity, it will introduce a new cut-off length Ls = ( Ec E) 1 2ℓφ with implications for the experimental results on semiconductor quantum wires. Our theory is in good agreement with the experiments of Hiramoto and co-workers. © 1989.

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Solid State Electronics

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