Cyclotron resonance in two-dimensional electron-phonon-impurity systems and applications to Si metal-oxide-semiconductor systems

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The generalized quantum Langevin equation approach to quantum transport is extended to study the cyclotron resonance (CR) of the interacting two-dimensional electron-phonon-impurity system. Analytical forms for the memory functions, which are free from the divergence encountered in conventional theories, are obtained from first principles. The elimination of the divergence is achieved by the inclusion of the fluctuation effects of the center of mass. In the quantum limit (Latin small letter h with strokec kBT, FkBT), our formalism reduces to a compact form suitable for numerical evaluation. We find that the electron acoustic-phonon interaction and the fluctuation effect of the center of mass shift the random-phase-approximation magnetoplasmon dispersion considerably, with the result that two resonance peaks may appear in the CR absorption spectrum. One is a modified magnetoplasmon absorption peak due to many-body effects at the frequency >c, and the other is a new peak, located at

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Physical Review B

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