Bloch oscillations in small-capacitance Josephson junctions

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An analytic study of ac-bias-current effects on the Bloch oscillations in small Josephson junctions at the EcEJ limit (Ec is the charging energy and EJ is the Josephson energy) is presented. By solving the quasicharge differential equation proposed by Likharev et al., solutions for the quasicharge q(t), as well as the I-V curves, are analyzed. It is shown that due to the sudden jump of the Bloch-oscillation period at some value of the dc current I, resistive steps of anomalous differential resistance emerge in the I-V curve. A general relation between the position of the resistive step on the I-V curve and the applied frequency f is derived. The connections and the differences between our formula and the weak-damping-limit formula I=(m/n)2ef are discussed. The results are compared with recent experiments. © 1993 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B

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