Magnetophonon resonances of quantum wires in tilted magnetic fields

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The magnetoconductivity of parabolic quantum wires in strong tilted magnetic fields, associated with the magnetophonon resonance effect, is obtained analytically for optical-phonon scattering, by taking the linear-response limit of the results of the nonlinear-response theory developed previously. Neglecting the coupling Hamiltonian term ∼BxBzxz, since its contribution to the total electron energy is minor, the results for the magnetophonon resonance effect display two different periods of oscillation as a function of the strength and direction of the magnetic field and the confinement frequencies. In particular, it is shown that the direction of the magnetic field plays a significant role in determining the relaxation rates and the magnetoconductivity related to the magnetophonon resonances. © 1994 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B

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