Measurement of 235U, 238U, 209Bi and natPb fission cross sections using quasi- monoenergetic neutrons with energies from 30 MeV to 150 MeV

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The cross sections for neutron induced fission of 235U, 238U, 209Bi and natPb were measured in the energy range from 30 MeV to 150 MeV using parallel-plate ionization chambers. Proton recoil telescopes and a 238U ionization chamber were employed for the determination of the incident neutron fluence. With the exception of a few deviating data points, the experimental results for 235U(n, f), 238U(n, f) and 209Bi(n, f) are close to the recommended cross sections. For natPb(n, f) the measured cross sections are about 30% lower than the results of a recent evaluation. © 2014 Atomic Energy Society of Japan. All Rights Reserved.

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Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology

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