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Purpose: To develop a simple model of therapeutic and stray absorbed dose for a variety of treatment machines and techniques without relying on proprietary machine-specific parameters. Methods: Dosimetry measurements conducted in this study and from the literature were used to develop an analytical model of absorbed dose from a variety of treatment machines and techniques in the 6 to 25 MV interval. A modified one-dimensional gamma-index analysis was performed to evaluate dosimetric accuracy of the model on an independent dataset consisting of measured dose profiles from seven treatment units spanning four manufacturers. Results: The average difference between the calculated and measured absorbed dose values was 9.9% for those datasets on which the model was trained. Additionally, these results indicate that the model can provide accurate calculations of both therapeutic and stray radiation dose from a wide variety of radiotherapy units and techniques. Conclusions: We have developed a simple analytical model of absorbed dose from external beam radiotherapy treatments in the 6 to 25 MV beam energy range. The model has been tested on measured data from multiple treatment machines and techniques, and is broadly applicable to contemporary external beam radiation therapy.

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Medical Physics

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